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This was a really cool piece of animation.

One thing I noted that people who pick coins off the ground have a tendency to trip over everything haha.

One part I really liked was when it got caught in the shoe and the music dipped in and out.
Really well thought out.

Good job!


How long did this take to make?
Looking at the hair and shit moving all smooth like and stuff.


Good job!

washatv responds:

haha it took about 3 months, as I can't fully work in only one project at time >_<

Sorry man but I had to rate 2.

I loved the story, it was funny and I liked the dialogue but man. Every time I see stories like this the animation is minimal. With yours though there was more than usual, and I like the anime-esque expressions but if you had've animated the entire thing, like instead of: Text, animated text, picture, text, animation, text, more text, picture, text, SUBSCRIBE with the whole dubstep or EDM shit, I think it would have been so much better.


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Not a bad concept.
I do love the teamwork mechanics.
I almost couldn't get past level 10. I don't know how you expect people to do it. I only did it by exploiting glitches in your coding. I just couldn't see any other way to do it.

Like, using the crate to hold the door open and then by pure luck just push it through with the last robot. There's probably an easier way to do it but it wasn't clear to me.

test5 responds:

Actually thats the way to do the last level. The idea is that you can pass in that moment because the door leaves you a little space before completely closing. If it looks like a glitch, I'll make it more "clear" then by opening the door more when the door hits the box. By the way I know it looks strange that last level, but it was on porpuse, should add a hint, something like "find the hack to pass this level"!
Anyway thanks!

This game reminds me of AfroNinja's old escape games.
Good Job! The medals give this game replayability and it can be tricky because of the fuses switching spots.
The only thing that annoyed me was the Valves, it always seemed like I wasn't turning them the right way, frustrated me a bit but not to the point where I'd quit.

Broken Record

Everything I'm about to say has probably been said a million times before but...

The game wasn't bad. But obviously if you had more time to put alot more effort into it this game could've been more popular and alot more fun to play.

Things like the arrow ordering. Most people who play games like this have played games like FFR and Stepmania (Just to name a couple) and the arrow ordering goes Left, Down, Up, Right.

Colouring the arrows is based on where the arrow is in the chart. Like Red (4th Notes) Blue (8th Notes) Yellow (16th Notes I think) etc.

The characters were drawn really well, and I was surprised to see extra head angles when you pressed diagonal keys which was convenient for those rolls.

Maybe what would be a good idea is rather than having the head move a certain way corresponding to the key press, you could have an animation for every arrow in the chart like:
- 4th Notes (Headbanging)
- 8th Notes (Right hand thrashing horns)
- 16th Notes (Left hand punching the air)

That way your character moves around more and you're involving more than just the head.

Not a bad game though, graphics were nice (arrows needed work thought)

Keep it up.

MonoFlauta responds:

I liked the idea of the more positions, I just think it would be very difficult to control, or maybe I didnt understand it well. Anyway, if there is a gold or something like that version, i will tell funandmore about this to see what he thinks
About the other things, yeah, people already said it :P
and thanks for reviewing!

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Good god your music is just so damn good!

Keep up the great work!


Your god damn fum

Funny stuff man.

Very Nice

I liked the distorted synthy strings. Very nice piece.


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I've always loved Shadman's work. Especially the backgrounds. This particular one is blurred but it appears to be the most detailed part of the piece. Did you use a photo or did you draw it?

TheShadling responds:

In this snapchat pieces I actually used photos I then edited in photoshop, to imitate the "reality" look of a Snapchat post.

Very cool!

Zero-End responds:


Kickarse pic! I really loved the blood detail, nicely done.


Zero-End responds:


Sweatpants got a hottie

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