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My Phone, My Precious Phone...

2007-07-24 10:56:22 by DanWandin

About 3 weeks ago my phone was stolen by crooked scum. I almost got it back but nup. I got a new phone a little later and it gave me nothin but trouble.

When you buy a Motorola V3x, test the usb connection in the phone with the charger before you let the battery die like I did. So I bought a new battery the next day and sure enough, it went flat in the next 3 hours. This was the moment I noticed the charger didn't work with the phone, and the phone absolutely eats away at the battery.

So I looked on eBay, and I bought a desktop charger (It charges the battery directly) from Hong Kong, so I had to wait another week without a phone for this charger to come in. I got the charger today and it came with a complimentary battery. So now I have 3 batteries, a phone thats connection doesn't work, and a desktop charger.

On the plus side I can alternate batteries if one goes flat, I can just whack it on the charger and use a previously charged one. Not Bad huh?


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